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Help Support a Documentary in Alaska!

You may have read about the Willow Project in the news recently. You may have also seen my photo/Instagram story on Walter Gove. Well, the two are quite intertwined. The Willow Project is an oil drilling project on the eastern edge of an area called the National Petroleum Reserve- Alaska (NPR-A). Over 22 million acres were set aside in 1923 by the U.S. government for a time when there is a large need for petroleum resources. What's the problem? Some estimates say 40% of the global migratory bird species nest there annually. Herds of caribou, packs of wolves, and bears also rely on the area for life.


Walter went to NPR-A in the early 2000s and canoed rivers that flowed from the Brooks Range out to the Arctic Ocean. Picking up where he left off, I will be going up with a canoe and a camera, documenting the flora and fauna that rely on the area for life, and looking at how there are gray areas between the protected areas and the neighboring land leased for drilling.

Now, I just finished a master's in Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill, so I am looking to you all for support...

Below are a sampling of photos. All of them will be for sale as prints at the prices listed below (shipping is included). There will also be an option to pre-order prints that will come from the trip to Alaska. All prints will ship in September. Please fill out the form with your desired print size and the title of the photo. I will respond to organize shipping/payment. If you have seen pieces of my work that are not listed here, just reach out and we can figure something out! If you would like to support with more than the purchase of a print, donations and investments are more than appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your support! 

Basic- A plain print that you frame yourself

           5x7 - $25
          8x10 - $30

Alaska Prints- Pre-purchase a print from the trip! A page will be opened in the fall with a selection of images to choose from (think birds, bears, caribou, sprawling landscapes, and natural beauty).

            5x7 - $40

          8x10 - $60 

         11x14 - $85

Click on an image to view full size and title

Thank you for supporting!

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